Applied R Code is a reference site for R programming.  The site is developed and maintained to provide practical code for immediate application.  Three goals inform website content:

    • Provide solutions to expedite R code development and data analysis;
    • Celebrate aspects of data science and scientific programming that excite; and
    • Share project work for real-world application and benefit


Applied R Code is a content management system that spans the full capability of the R programming language.  The common denominator across these pages is to provide code objects for immediate application.  The theoretical foundations of data science and scientific programming are kept to a minimum and handled by reference.


My life-time work is focused on the delivery of reliable, low-cost energy. I have formal training from the Colorado School of Mines and an MSc in Operations Research.  R programming and data science has supported the following activities:

    • Energy trading and the management of energy storage for  customer variable load profiles;
    • Fuel sourcing and real-time management of power generation assets; 
    • Design engineering for the delivery of large-scale wind and solar power projects;
    • Strategic planning and the optimization of a national energy network;
    • Capital project delivery and risk management.

I currently work in the Corporate Strategy and Planning Department at Qatar Petroleum.

Bradley J. Horn
Doha, Qatar




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