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Data Expressions in R

Data Expressions

The following list defines data expressions in R that are used to compute basic numerical results for scalars, vectors, and rectangular data objects.  Scroll through the table to see all functions:

abs()Absolute valuen/a
approx()Linear interpolation of pointsn/a
asin(); acos(); atan()Inverse trigonometric functionsn/a
asinh(); acosh(); atanh()Inverse hyperbolic functionsn/a
ceiling()Round up to nearest integerImpacts stored precision
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Principles of Tidy Data

Introduction to Tidy Data

Despite the enormous amount of data available, there is surprisingly little alignment or information on how to create clean, consistent and easy to use data.

Human interface with data and code can benefit from some simple principles to facilitate repeatable research and results. The “tidy” approach to data requires that:

  • Data is structured consistently and reusable;
  • Code flow relies on simple function calls using the pipe;
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