Other Geoms (ggplot)

All geoms that ship with ggplot2 are listed for below.  See HTML help in R for detailed argument structures and examples.

geom_abline()Draw a line given an intercept an slope
geom_area()Area plot
geom_bar()Bar chart
geom_bin2d()Heat map of 2D bin counts
geom_blank()Empty plot device
geom_contour()Contour plot
geom_density()Draw a smooth density estimate
geom_density2d()Contours from a 2d density estimate
geom_dotplot()Dot plot
geom_errorbar()Error bars
geom_errorbarh()Horizontal error bars
geom_freqpoly()Frequency polygon
geom_hex()Hexagon bining
geom_hline()Draw horizontal line
geom_jitter()Jittering to reduce overplotting
geom_line()Line chart
geon_linerange()Vertical line range
geom_map()Polygon map
geom_path()Connect observations in original order
geom_pointrange()Point with vertical range bar
geom_polygon()Add a polygon shape
geom_quantile()Add quantile lines
geom_raster()geom_tile() where all tiles have the same size
geom_rect()2D rectangles
geom_ribbon()A ribbon showing a y-value range; like are chart, not stacked
geom_segment(0Single line segments
geom_smooth()Add a smoothed conditional mean
geom_step()Connect observations with stairs
geom_text()Add text
geom_tile()Tile plane with rectangles
geom_violin()Violin plot
geom_vline()Vertical line

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