Linux APT

Advanced Package Tool (Debian)

The Advanced Package Tool (APT) is a software manager.  First of all, it is a user interface for the installation and removal of software.  it works on Debian, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. In practice, APT retrieves, configures and installs software packages.  It can work with pre-compiled files.  It can also compile source code as needed.

apt uses the APT library and is the command-line version of the program. There are three common commands: apt, apt-get and apt-cache.   These commands are used all the time in the land of Linux.  The benefits are simple:

  • Perform action on software packages,
  • Manage relations between software packages (like dependencies),
  • Keep track of software versions and update as needed, and
  • Interface with software repositories (both remote and local).

APT is one of the best features of the Debian/Ubuntu system.  For instance:

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