Linux Help

Linux is an extensive OS.  As a result, Linux help facilities are also extensive.  There are also third-party solutions.  For example:

man shows the standard Linux help manual page.  The resulting output often fills the terminal and requires paging through the result (use q or ctrl-C to exit man  if it doesn’t terminate at the end of the text).

A lot of Debian Linux help documentation is provided in info format. This is similar to a hypertext format, in that you can jump to other sections of the documentation by following links embedded in the text.

whatis provides a quick-n-dirty description of a command in one line

Use help to learn about a subset of bash’s built-in commands. Unfortunately, the number of subjects covered is limited.  Type help in the absence of a subject will print a list of all subjects for which help is available.

Yelp is a third party help view.  The GUI is very appealing, but still significantly more appealing than reading text in a shell or terminal.  To install Yelp:

An example of the GUI appears below for the mv command:

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