Linux Utilities

Linux utilities help to interface with the OS, the server asset and its device stack.

Kernel Information

List of Keystroke Bindings

The following command will list all keystroke bindings in place.  However, the list is long.

Clean-up Utilities

File Space Usage

Device Utilities

The following commands are Linux utilities that provide information on the device stack for the user’s machine.  Additional tables are provided for specific devices that have high frequency interface.

Sound Commands

Screen and Monitors

Network Utilities

Connect to Airplay Time Capsule via Airplay

There are several steps to connect to an Apple time capsule device over Apple Airplay.  First, the following command will get the IPV4 address of local devices within range of the machine wifi device:

Next, use the following connection command:

The command syntax defines several blanks the user must fill in:

  • <ipv4.address>: the IP address previously found using the nmap command
  • <main>: the main directory on the time capsule device
  • <dir> : the empty local directory that display the time capsule files once the device is mounted

For example:


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