R Graphics Gallery

An  R graphics gallery has been created with simple scripts for long-term reference and to expedite data visualization.

Simple Line Plot

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Bar Plot of Vector

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Bar Plot of Matrix: #1

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Bar Plot of Matrix: #2

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Box Plot

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In order to access the values behind the chart, simply set the boxplot() argument plot=FALSE.  A statistical summary is generated.

Contour Plot

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Dot Chart

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The hist() function returns a useful statistical summary if the argument plot=FALSE is used.  The summary defines the breakpoints for the bins and counts per bin.  For example:

The following example shows how bin summary data can be used.  Function pretty() takes a vector argument and divides its range into n equally spaced, ordered values, as shown in the histogram below:

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Using segments()

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Using polygon()

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Image Plot

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Pairs Plot

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Perspective Plot

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Pie Chart

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QQNorm Plot

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