R Graphics: High Level Commands

High level commands and plotting functions in R set up a co-ordinate system.  No plotting is done inside a graphics device until at least one high level function has established the co-ordinate system.  High level commands include plot type and plot elements. Together, they provide users with direct control of all graph objects and support the creation of highly customized data visualizations.

Plot Types in R

One group of high level function defines the chart type († indicates alternative functions are used in Trellis charts):

[table id=23 /]

High Level Commands and Plot Elements in R

Other high level plotting functions add elements to the current plot, allowing the user direct control of graphic objects.  These functions are called after and outside of the plot type commands.  Plot elements, because they are high level commands, are capable of launching a graphics device.  See help() for detailed arguments:

[table id=25 /]

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